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A few minutes of your time can make a lifetime of difference for wildlife in jeopardy. Taking action means you’re ensuring decision-makers hear your call for solutions to protect and restore our natural world. Every voice counts—and together, our unified voice sends a powerful message. Join us in taking action for wildlife today.
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Sign to Stop Species from Fading Away

Sign the petition we’re delivering to leaders in Congress, urging them to prioritize passage of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Return Wildlife and Environmental Decisions to the Experts

Please urge your representatives in Congress to act quickly to restore scientists’ and experts’ authority to interpret laws— for our nation’s air, land, water, and wildlife.

Wildlife need strong Farm Bill Conservation Programs

Tell your members of Congress to protect climate-smart conservation funding in the Farm Bill!

Defend Our Climate For Bumblebees

Sign the petition to Congress urging them to defend climate legislation from recent attacks. 

Ensure all Tribal and Indigenous Communities Have Access to Clean Water

Tell your members of Congress to fully support and help pass the Tribal Access to Clean Water Act. This bill will allocate vital resources and funds […]

Keep salmon recovery flowing

We need our leaders to act quickly to modernize our energy and transportation services, and restore abundant wild salmon to the Columbia River Basin.

Speak Out for Wetlands and Wood Ducks

Tell your governor and members of Congress it is urgent to support efforts to restore and protect wetlands and water habitats. Please personalize your message to […]

Prevent Polar Bear Habitat from Melting Away

Tell your state governor and local leaders to use funding from recent federal climate legislation to invest in local built- and natural- climate solutions.

Save Declining Western Migratory Monarch Butterflies

Tell Congress to protect the threatened western monarch butterfly and other native pollinators, to preserve their vital contributions to healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, and our food supply.

Shutdown Line 5 for Piping Plovers

Please send a message urging President Biden to revoke Line 5’s permit.

Show Endangered Red Wolves You’re On Their Team

The number of red wolves in the wild has dwindled to fewer than 20. Please urge Secretary Haaland to commit to recovering a self-sustaining and expanding population of red wolves in the wild.

Speak Out for Pollinators and Native Plants

Tell Congress to be a part of a success story for saving pollinators and the native plants they depend on by fully supporting and helping to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Speak Out to Protect Oak Flat from Destructive Mining

Please tell President Biden and Secretary Vilsack to protect wildlife and Indigenous sites by stopping a proposed mega-copper mine.

Sign to Help Save Elephants When Choosing Chocolate

Sign the pledge to make chocolate purchases that won’t destroy elephant habitats, then view the Chocolate Scorecard to make informed decisions.

Lend Your Voice for Manatees

Urge your senators and member of Congress to help species like manatees by fully supporting and helping pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Take Action for Nature and Clean Energy

Please urge Congress and your governor to invest in climate solutions to recover wildlife habitat and make our communities more resilient to climate change.

Take Action for Wildlife in Crisis

Ask your senators to save America’s vulnerable wildlife, like American kestrel, by supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

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