Conservation Issues

Taking action for wildlife has never been more important. Today our nation faces a myriad of issues that threaten to impact our wildlife and our environment for centuries to come. The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund’s critical areas of focus include:

Wildlife Conservation

To ensure wildlife thrive in the face of 21st-century challenges, we call for measures to recover America’s declining wildlife populations and protect species at risk.

Environmental Threats

Confronted with climate change and a host of other environmental issues, we act to advance climate and clean energy solutions that will safeguard our wildlife and our communities.


We’re fighting for key legislation and other actions that will protect and restore our valuable water resources from the devastating effects of pollution, climate change, and other threats.

Our Lands

From forest and farms to national monuments or tribal lands, we advocate for the protection of natural resources and the management of these lands to support healthy wildlife populations.


Wildlife need unspoiled spaces to thrive. We act to protect, restore, and connect the intricate patchwork of lands and waters that our wildlife call home.


We work to bring people together through environmental education, community engagement, and other initiatives that will broaden our wildlife constituency and increase prosperity for future generations.

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